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PRO WICKS HTP 126 – 150mm Long 20mm x 6mm Tab 100 Pack

PRO WICKS HTP 126 – 150mm Long 20mm x 6mm Tab 100 Pack



$18.71 inc. GST

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The Pro Wicks HTP 126 in 150mm length for your tin and container candles.

Introducing the new name in high-quality candle wick supplies – Pro Wicks! Pro Wicks are coated in a special blend of priming wax which has been rigorously tested to enhance rigidity during pouring and burning, and to promote an even burn. All Pro Wick products are checked by a quality assurance team to ensure they are of the highest quality before being sold. They also come packaged neatly in a reusable box to prevent tangling and damage during transit.

Length: 150mm
Burn Diameter: 66mm
Tab Size: 20mm x 6.0mm x 3.0mm
Wick Stickum Size: 20mm
CDN equivalent: n/a
CSN equivalent: CSN 26

Please Note: As the performance of your candle wicks is based on a variety of different variables – wax, colour, fragrance, container size and more – we suggest that you conduct your own testing to ensure consistent results. See our candle wicks guide or our candle wicks frequently asked questions page for more details.

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