Plastic Pouring Jug 1Lt – Clear

Plastic Pouring Jug 1Lt – Clear

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Effortlessly blend and pour your wax, fragrance, and dyes using this thoughtfully designed ergonomic plastic pouring jug.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Kindly be aware that our plastic pouring jugs are not suitable for use in microwaves. Given the varying wattage of microwave ovens, we advise against heating wax with the jug. It’s recommended to melt the wax separately and then transfer it to the jug for combining with fragrance and pouring.


  • Product Dimensions: 115mm in Diameter // 242mm in Length x 150mm in Height
  • Capacity: 1 litre

Available for purchase as individual units.

Please take note that the product photo might vary in terms of color from the actual item due to lighting and/or manufacturing considerations.


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