Oxford Large Base Transparent White (Outside Painted)

Oxford Large Base Transparent White (Outside Painted)




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Wax Quantity (Unscented): approx. 285 grams
Glass Weight: 401 grams
Wick: HTP 126
Burn Time: approx. 48 Hours (soy wax)

Product Description: The Oxford Transparent White (Outside Colour) is coloured on the outside of the glass including the base, unlike the standard coloured range which has a clear base.

The Transparent White (Outside Colour) enables some visibility through the sidewalls of the glass whilst it maintains a brilliant white coating which sets the white range apart. This is a great alternative to the rest of the range and, unlike the Opaque, allows visibility of the wax inside the glass through the sidewall.

The jar is produced by moulding the glass rather than the hand blowing process. This means it has a much thicker wall and is a much safer glass to use. The risk of breakages is greatly reduced when compared with the thin walled blown glass, especially when taking lids on and off. It also has a consistent base shape with a nice uniform curve.

Please note: The wick recommendation is a guide only. Some fragrance and wax combinations may require a smaller or larger wick size. Personal wick testing will be required to ensure the most appropriate wick for your candle.


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