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The Vogue line embodies style with its sleek finish and rounded bottom this vessel wouldn’t be out of place in the shop window of any high end boutique.

These vessels have had extraordinary market testing results – they truly are loved by all.

As with all our jars; Luxury Candle Supplies’ Glass Range utilizes a hand mould production process rather than blown or machine automation – this ensures our Glass Range are stronger, safer, and have greater heat resistance than others on the market.

With unparalleled clarity uniform across our Glass Range – inconsistencies are a thing of the past.



External Vessel Dimensions: 101mmW x 105mmH (including straw wrap)
Internal Vessel Dimensions: 85mmW x 94mm
Vessel Capacity: 390ml
Glass Weight: 500g

Suitable LidLarge Plastic Lids (#003) (IMPORTANT! Please be aware, due to the handmade manufacturing process, the fitting of each lid may vary pending the exclusive shape of the vessel’s rim)
Suitable PackagingSmart Box Large (Snug fit)Cylinder Box LargeWindowed Flat Pack (snug fit)
Suggested Wick Size*: LCS85LCS90LCS100Double Layered Wood Wick 16mm x 150mmS Wave Wood Wick 30mm x 120mm
*Please note, wick sizes are suggestions only. For optimum results, we recommend users conduct their own wick tests with different blends of wax and oils that they intend to use.

Available in single units.
Carton size: 24 units

IMPORTANT! Please note, product photo may differ from the actual item in terms of colour due to lighting and/or manufacturing. Due to the handmade manufacturing process, each vessel’s woven wrap is handwoven and will be uniquely different.

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